Drumplings is the vision of Founder Deon St.Mor, a creative powerhouse that has spent his life forging sensory experiences that heighten the senses. From beauty brand MOR Cosmetics to Glamping Hotel St. Jerome’s, Deon brings the experience gathered throughout his prolific career to take his customer on another sensory journey like no other – this time, one of taste.

When St.Mor founded MOR cosmetics, he created beautiful formulations and fragrances that were wrapped in incredibly detailed packaging. As a continuation of his personal brand expression, St.Mor wanted to push the boundaries in the creative sphere by infusing global flavours into beautifully hand wrapped packages – the dumpling skin.

With Drumplings, St.Mor desires to offer a new taste experience by connecting people to flavours from all over the world through a delicate, mouth-watering dumpling.

Matched by the charismatic and vibrant space expressed from the brand, St.Mor’s sidekick is Jeremy Raven, a culinary expert who has extensively researched the global footprint by traveling to 40 countries, from previously owning a successful catering company and worked on four different continents.

Passionate about the traditions of every food culture, Raven intends to infuse that passion into dumplings, a global superstar in the cultural food landscape.

As Raven once wrote: “I developed my food philosophy by drawing upon very simple and true values, with the unique aim of striving to use locally grown and produced foods wherever possible and to offer the best quality cuisine. To deliver a philosophy, is to understand nature’s parameters and be accountable for your choice.”


Drumplings offers a visual experience that is fun, street smart and nimble, full of brazen, roguish character that is surrounded by entertaining strangers who are on the run, seeking the treasure they have heard about from afar. It is the ideal place for people who are hungry for something different, delicious and unique but with an old classic favourite.